Reptile Show!

I went to a recent reptile show, and it was pretty cool! I got to see plenty of snakes, geckos, lizards, frogs, and tortoises! I don’t have the pictures uploaded on this computer yet, but I will soon! By the way…my sister is looking for a pet reptile, and wants it to be very handleable, she wants the food budget to be cheap (because she also wants to save for a violin), and wants it to be cute. Any suggestions? Also a note…I don’t think she wants a Leopard or Fat Tailed gecko. If you guys could give me suggestions that would be great! The gecko in the picture IS Waffles. 🙂


Pet Store Pics

Yesterday, me and my dad went to a pet store by my grandparents, and it was AWESOME! They didn’t have a lot of reptiles and amphibians, but what they had was really cool. For starters, as soon as we walked in, we walked a little ways, I spotted an Axolotl that was only about 3-5 inches. He was exciting to me because I have never seen an Axolotl in person, and it was very exciting to me.


Next, we walked into the reptile room, and we saw lots of snakes including Carpet pythons, Red Tailed Boas, an Albino Burmese Python which I will include in a picture, and a Corn Snake. The Burmese Python was a massive 11 feet and counting! After we browsed a little while, an associate came in and started talking to us about snakes, and I told him about wanting a Rosy Boa as a first snakes. So then, he decided to bring out a very nice Ball Python to show it to us and tell us more about them. This snake was about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long. She was a real sweetheart, and she didn’t want to let go because me and my sweatshirt were very warm. To demonstrate how Corn Snakes were with handling, he brought one of those out for a few seconds, and a few seconds only because this Corn snake was very hyper. Sadly, he was a special breed, and I didn’t manage to catch a pic of him. 😦

Here is a picture of me with the ball python

After we put the python back, we browsed around some more, and I managed to catch a picture of an adult Blizzard Leopard Gecko, which was really cool. As I said before… they don’t have much, but what they do have is really cool. If you want the website, just click here.

Laters! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas readers! I hope that it is a great one, and that you have a wonderful new year. Please note that in the picture below that Waffles was not hurt at all by the hat because it was just resting on his head. And yes, I promise it is a real hat, and not Photoshop.Enjoy!

New herp!

It’s not mine, but it is still exciting. Me and my sister went to help our good friend Chloe pick out a ball python yesterday. The breeder brought out a firebee, a killerbee, a blue eyed leucistic, a het albino, a normal albino, and 2 normals. She chose a 13 day old, about 8 inch female normal ball python and named it Zelda. She is so cute! When we got back we showed it to my Mom and Dad. Still… she was very calm for us except for when we first got her out. She was startled so she just hissed a little. So besides that she was pretty calm. Laters!

A picture of the little bugger.A picture of the little bugger.

But this time I decided this picture would look nice in b&w.  Enjoy!

Alright. So far, I have covered the topics of cage set up, and feeding for a gecko. Now for handling info. For starters, always wash your hands before and after handling a reptile, because they can transmit salmonella to humans, which can be a very deadly disease. Another important rule, is to never squeeze your gecko or play with it’s tail, because squeezing it will crush it, and it’s tail will drop. When a gecko drops it’s tail, it is not harmed, but it will not look as good afterward.Please note that in the picture below, those are not my geckos. I forgot to mention, they can also accidentally grow 2-3 tails. Even if you think it would look cool, please don’t force your gecko to drop it’s tail, because it will scare them. Again, no matter how cool you think injuries, and 3 tails would look, please don’t do it to them on purpose.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, on to the other information. First, turn off all heating devices, and take the lid off. Make sure not to get the lamps on the carpet, but put the lamps on the lid. Then, lift up a hide out, to get him out. Then, gently and slowly scoop them up out of the cage, and make sure they can’t jump or fall, because they do not take into mind how high up they are, and don’t care, so they can get seriously injured, or die. 😦 Once in your hands, find a place to sit down, and sit down, so it is easier to handle him/her. If you are handling a jumpy, or aggressive gecko, try to have someone with you to assist you if they jump. For example, if you are handling a Crested Gecko, which will most likely jump, I would have someone stand in front of you, or behind you, because they most often jump to another solid space, and can jump quite far. And as another example, if you are handling a Tokay or another aggressive lizard which can bite, and hurt you, you should have someone there to help you if it does bite so you are not injured.

While handling your gecko, if it seems discontent crawling on your hands, and seems

like it wants more space, consider letting it crawl up your arm or shirt, and they won’t

fall off, because they have claws, but most likely, if they do scratch, it probably won’t

hurt very bad. In the circumstance that you are bitten, don’t pull, because it will just

make them latch on harder, and it will injure your lizard. Without a certain method,

they will not let go for about 45 minutes, and it will most likely be very painful, so be

extra careful. The way to get the gecko to let go, is to lay it in it’s cage, and drop a few drops of vinegar on it’s back, and it will run into a hide out,  If you don’t make sudden movements, they will not be scared, and will

behave very well.  You should also be quiet too. Make sure not to handle them the

same day that you feed them (only if you haven’t fed them yet) because it can make

them nervous, and make them vomit up their food. Yuck! I hope that handling goes well for you. If you have any advice for me, or questions, just tell me or ask in the comments, and I will be glad to help with any problems you have, and will readily accept advice. Happy handling!

Merry Christmas! (almost) I am excited that it is the first day in December which means that there are only 25 days exactly til’ Christmas. I love it all, and is a very fun season, and me, and waffles here want to wish you a merry Christmas season, and hope that you enjoy it very much. Laters!

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