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Pet Store Pics

Yesterday, me and my dad went to a pet store by my grandparents, and it was AWESOME! They didn’t have a lot of reptiles and amphibians, but what they had was really cool. For starters, as soon as we walked in, we walked a little ways, I spotted an Axolotl that was only about 3-5 inches. He was exciting to me because I have never seen an Axolotl in person, and it was very exciting to me.


Next, we walked into the reptile room, and we saw lots of snakes including Carpet pythons, Red Tailed Boas, an Albino Burmese Python which I will include in a picture, and a Corn Snake. The Burmese Python was a massive 11 feet and counting! After we browsed a little while, an associate came in and started talking to us about snakes, and I told him about wanting a Rosy Boa as a first snakes. So then, he decided to bring out a very nice Ball Python to show it to us and tell us more about them. This snake was about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long. She was a real sweetheart, and she didn’t want to let go because me and my sweatshirt were very warm. To demonstrate how Corn Snakes were with handling, he brought one of those out for a few seconds, and a few seconds only because this Corn snake was very hyper. Sadly, he was a special breed, and I didn’t manage to catch a pic of him. 😦

Here is a picture of me with the ball python

After we put the python back, we browsed around some more, and I managed to catch a picture of an adult Blizzard Leopard Gecko, which was really cool. As I said before… they don’t have much, but what they do have is really cool. If you want the website, just click here.

Laters! 🙂


How to feed your Fat Tailed Gecko

Today, I am going to share how I personally think you should feed your African Fat Tailed Gecko and/or Leopard gecko.  Please not that my way is not to only way, and i’m sure there are many other ways to do it. this is just the way I prefer to do it, and hope it is helpful to you. If you have any advice to point out, I will happily accept.

First, I would like to let you know, that on any circumstances you should NEVER feed them crickets or other bugs that you have caught previously, seeing it could have some chemicals or junk on it that could make your little guy very sick, or kill him A lady had a bearded dragon, that had one night, eaten lots of bugs that her children caught. The next day, it was dead. It is a very bad idea, and is very cruel. If you are squeamish about small insects, and things like that, then definitely get a tropical gecko that will eat fruit, and rarely some crickets.


First, you need to take a trip to your local pet store, and get a decently sized cricket keeper, and some crickets. You should not get the mini ones, unless your gecko is a baby, seeing the small crickets tend to get out, and get dirty, and therefore, unsafe for feeding. You should generally get large crickets which are about 10 cents each. You should get some yellow Flukers thirst quencher because it is a drown fee source of food an water. If you want, you can get some Calcium dust to dust them in once a week.

To feed, carefully open the lid, and slowly  try to catch a cricket out of the tank. Close up your palm, and drop into the entrance of the cave. normally, they should wake up, and attack quite quickly, and almost never miss. You can also try taking out water dishes and hides, and letting him be. If you want you can hand feed him by grasping the crickets by the thorax, and wiggling them in front of his head. You can do this, but should do it very rarely, or else he/she will become lazy, and expect you to do it every time. It is sometimes, a great way to get a gecko to warm up to you. Don’t leave them in there all day, like they say to, because they can chew baby geckos to death, and cause adult geckos great pain by biting them . I’ve had one bite me, and it doesn’t hurt very bad to us. But if you are  the gecko (and some geckos have very sensitive skin) and you are smaller, that would hurt very badly. Someone had a lizard with a bite as big as an eraser. So if you are going to leave them in there, please don’t do it for very long.

I hope this will be helpful, and useful to all of you reading my blog. Laters!

How to set up a Happy, healthy, Fat Tailed Gecko’s cage

Hi! If anyone has been wondering how to set up a Fat Tailed Gecko cage, well here you go.


First, the essential thing for your gecko, is a 10-20 gallon tank with a screen lid (highly recommended for people with dogs, cats, or other animals that could get in, and hurt your gecko.

Next, you will need a heat lamp fixture over one house, which will be the warm hide. I would recommend a 50-60 watt bulb for your tank.

During the winter, if your house gets below 70 degrees, you should get a secondary heat lamp  to heat his cool, humid side with a 40 watt red bulb (so that you will not hurt his eyes).

You should also have a cool, humid side of the tank with one hide and a wet paper towel or napkin, and a water dish that is not to shallow, and not to deep. You should mist it fairly often, but not too much. Probably 2-3 times a day. (unless you have reptile carpet which will grow mold)

If you can afford it, I would also get a temperature, and make sure that the warm side stays at about 80-85 degrees, and the humid side at about 65-75 degrees. It is a little expensive, but it is worth the money. If it is not at the right temperature, then keep adjusting it.

You should also get a cricket cage, egg carton, cricket food, a mister, hand sanitizer, a pooper scooper, and calcium dust. I hope this works out for you the same as it has worked for me.

If you have any more ideas, please comment and let me know. I am also glad to answer any questions. Laters!














Final Decision

Hey Guys! I finally decided what I am going to get. An African Fat Tailed Gecko. Yup. But I’m not buying it from a pet store or Craigslist. I’m going to adopt my little buddy from and animal rescue and give it a nice home. I’ve already got the terrarium, the light fixture, the thermometer, the heat mat, the carpet, and the lid because I bought the rainforest kit. All that I need now is food, a red light, some hiding spots, and a water dish. After about 2 weeks me and my dad are gonna take a trip here. Wish me luck!!!

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