Today, I am going to share how I personally think you should feed your African Fat Tailed Gecko and/or Leopard gecko.  Please not that my way is not to only way, and i’m sure there are many other ways to do it. this is just the way I prefer to do it, and hope it is helpful to you. If you have any advice to point out, I will happily accept.

First, I would like to let you know, that on any circumstances you should NEVER feed them crickets or other bugs that you have caught previously, seeing it could have some chemicals or junk on it that could make your little guy very sick, or kill him A lady had a bearded dragon, that had one night, eaten lots of bugs that her children caught. The next day, it was dead. It is a very bad idea, and is very cruel. If you are squeamish about small insects, and things like that, then definitely get a tropical gecko that will eat fruit, and rarely some crickets.


First, you need to take a trip to your local pet store, and get a decently sized cricket keeper, and some crickets. You should not get the mini ones, unless your gecko is a baby, seeing the small crickets tend to get out, and get dirty, and therefore, unsafe for feeding. You should generally get large crickets which are about 10 cents each. You should get some yellow Flukers thirst quencher because it is a drown fee source of food an water. If you want, you can get some Calcium dust to dust them in once a week.

To feed, carefully open the lid, and slowly  try to catch a cricket out of the tank. Close up your palm, and drop into the entrance of the cave. normally, they should wake up, and attack quite quickly, and almost never miss. You can also try taking out water dishes and hides, and letting him be. If you want you can hand feed him by grasping the crickets by the thorax, and wiggling them in front of his head. You can do this, but should do it very rarely, or else he/she will become lazy, and expect you to do it every time. It is sometimes, a great way to get a gecko to warm up to you. Don’t leave them in there all day, like they say to, because they can chew baby geckos to death, and cause adult geckos great pain by biting them . I’ve had one bite me, and it doesn’t hurt very bad to us. But if you are  the gecko (and some geckos have very sensitive skin) and you are smaller, that would hurt very badly. Someone had a lizard with a bite as big as an eraser. So if you are going to leave them in there, please don’t do it for very long.

I hope this will be helpful, and useful to all of you reading my blog. Laters!


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