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How to Handle Your Gecko

Alright. So far, I have covered the topics of cage set up, and feeding for a gecko. Now for handling info. For starters, always wash your hands before and after handling a reptile, because they can transmit salmonella to humans, which can be a very deadly disease. Another important rule, is to never squeeze your gecko or play with it’s tail, because squeezing it will crush it, and it’s tail will drop. When a gecko drops it’s tail, it is not harmed, but it will not look as good afterward.Please note that in the picture below, those are not my geckos. I forgot to mention, they can also accidentally grow 2-3 tails. Even if you think it would look cool, please don’t force your gecko to drop it’s tail, because it will scare them. Again, no matter how cool you think injuries, and 3 tails would look, please don’t do it to them on purpose.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, on to the other information. First, turn off all heating devices, and take the lid off. Make sure not to get the lamps on the carpet, but put the lamps on the lid. Then, lift up a hide out, to get him out. Then, gently and slowly scoop them up out of the cage, and make sure they can’t jump or fall, because they do not take into mind how high up they are, and don’t care, so they can get seriously injured, or die. 😦 Once in your hands, find a place to sit down, and sit down, so it is easier to handle him/her. If you are handling a jumpy, or aggressive gecko, try to have someone with you to assist you if they jump. For example, if you are handling a Crested Gecko, which will most likely jump, I would have someone stand in front of you, or behind you, because they most often jump to another solid space, and can jump quite far. And as another example, if you are handling a Tokay or another aggressive lizard which can bite, and hurt you, you should have someone there to help you if it does bite so you are not injured.

While handling your gecko, if it seems discontent crawling on your hands, and seems

like it wants more space, consider letting it crawl up your arm or shirt, and they won’t

fall off, because they have claws, but most likely, if they do scratch, it probably won’t

hurt very bad. In the circumstance that you are bitten, don’t pull, because it will just

make them latch on harder, and it will injure your lizard. Without a certain method,

they will not let go for about 45 minutes, and it will most likely be very painful, so be

extra careful. The way to get the gecko to let go, is to lay it in it’s cage, and drop a few drops of vinegar on it’s back, and it will run into a hide out,  If you don’t make sudden movements, they will not be scared, and will

behave very well.  You should also be quiet too. Make sure not to handle them the

same day that you feed them (only if you haven’t fed them yet) because it can make

them nervous, and make them vomit up their food. Yuck! I hope that handling goes well for you. If you have any advice for me, or questions, just tell me or ask in the comments, and I will be glad to help with any problems you have, and will readily accept advice. Happy handling!


More Opportunities!

Sad to say, the last deal on a crested gecko is expired. But, I found  a new offer for $100 with everything included. Plus, this cage is an Exo-Terra cage. very snazzy. I am hoping to be able to get this gecko. I only have about $18, but my birthday is coming up soon. In the mean time I am trying to do jobs around to house to earn money. I want this gecko so bad, it isn’t even funny. If you want some more info on geckos, go here. He doesn’t have a Crested Gecko, but he has a very sweet leopard gecko named Bella. He is my friend, so I  have had many opportunities to see her. I hope that I can get this crestie though. Laters!

Caging costs

Ok guys. My best friend with a Leopard gecko has been searching on craigslist for me, and has found a setup with  everything that I would need for only $75.00. Yay! But that does not mean that I have $75.00. 😦   But all I can hope for is that when I have enough money, that it will still be up for offer. I am still wanting a red one, but if you guys can find any other colors of them please post a link to the picture in the comments section. Laters!

Gecko pricing

Hey! I just found out that the adult Eyelash Crested Gecko costs about $80.00. But the babies cost around $40.00 I do not know for certain how much the setup will cost, but I am sure it costs around $80.00. Please tell me what color i should get. Red or yellow? I would prefer a red one, but a yellow would be just as cool. My friend got his leopard gecko and setup from Craigslist for around $80.00. I am hoping to make just as good of a deal wherever I get  one. Laters!


Hello.  I am a reptile fan and am in want of an eyelash crested gecko, preferably red. I just think they are very cool and unique lizards. I am hoping that by at least after Christmas that I will have enough money for one. Laters! By the way…if you want a blog about leopard geckos go to

bella the reptile. Enjoy!

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