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Final Decision

Hey Guys! I finally decided what I am going to get. An African Fat Tailed Gecko. Yup. But I’m not buying it from a pet store or Craigslist. I’m going to adopt my little buddy from and animal rescue and give it a nice home. I’ve already got the terrarium, the light fixture, the thermometer, the heat mat, the carpet, and the lid because I bought the rainforest kit. All that I need now is food, a red light, some hiding spots, and a water dish. After about 2 weeks me and my dad are gonna take a trip here. Wish me luck!!!


More Opportunities!

Sad to say, the last deal on a crested gecko is expired. But, I found  a new offer for $100 with everything included. Plus, this cage is an Exo-Terra cage. very snazzy. I am hoping to be able to get this gecko. I only have about $18, but my birthday is coming up soon. In the mean time I am trying to do jobs around to house to earn money. I want this gecko so bad, it isn’t even funny. If you want some more info on geckos, go here. He doesn’t have a Crested Gecko, but he has a very sweet leopard gecko named Bella. He is my friend, so I  have had many opportunities to see her. I hope that I can get this crestie though. Laters!

Caging costs

Ok guys. My best friend with a Leopard gecko has been searching on craigslist for me, and has found a setup with  everything that I would need for only $75.00. Yay! But that does not mean that I have $75.00. 😦   But all I can hope for is that when I have enough money, that it will still be up for offer. I am still wanting a red one, but if you guys can find any other colors of them please post a link to the picture in the comments section. Laters!

Gecko pricing

Hey! I just found out that the adult Eyelash Crested Gecko costs about $80.00. But the babies cost around $40.00 I do not know for certain how much the setup will cost, but I am sure it costs around $80.00. Please tell me what color i should get. Red or yellow? I would prefer a red one, but a yellow would be just as cool. My friend got his leopard gecko and setup from Craigslist for around $80.00. I am hoping to make just as good of a deal wherever I get  one. Laters!

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