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Pet Store Pics

Yesterday, me and my dad went to a pet store by my grandparents, and it was AWESOME! They didn’t have a lot of reptiles and amphibians, but what they had was really cool. For starters, as soon as we walked in, we walked a little ways, I spotted an Axolotl that was only about 3-5 inches. He was exciting to me because I have never seen an Axolotl in person, and it was very exciting to me.


Next, we walked into the reptile room, and we saw lots of snakes including Carpet pythons, Red Tailed Boas, an Albino Burmese Python which I will include in a picture, and a Corn Snake. The Burmese Python was a massive 11 feet and counting! After we browsed a little while, an associate came in and started talking to us about snakes, and I told him about wanting a Rosy Boa as a first snakes. So then, he decided to bring out a very nice Ball Python to show it to us and tell us more about them. This snake was about 2 1/2 to 3 feet long. She was a real sweetheart, and she didn’t want to let go because me and my sweatshirt were very warm. To demonstrate how Corn Snakes were with handling, he brought one of those out for a few seconds, and a few seconds only because this Corn snake was very hyper. Sadly, he was a special breed, and I didn’t manage to catch a pic of him. 😦

Here is a picture of me with the ball python

After we put the python back, we browsed around some more, and I managed to catch a picture of an adult Blizzard Leopard Gecko, which was really cool. As I said before… they don’t have much, but what they do have is really cool. If you want the website, just click here.

Laters! 🙂


New herp!

It’s not mine, but it is still exciting. Me and my sister went to help our good friend Chloe pick out a ball python yesterday. The breeder brought out a firebee, a killerbee, a blue eyed leucistic, a het albino, a normal albino, and 2 normals. She chose a 13 day old, about 8 inch female normal ball python and named it Zelda. She is so cute! When we got back we showed it to my Mom and Dad. Still… she was very calm for us except for when we first got her out. She was startled so she just hissed a little. So besides that she was pretty calm. Laters!

A picture of the little bugger.A picture of the little bugger.

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